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A Bot Named Lex

A Bot Named Lex

Amazon Lex is one of AWS’s AI services. Lex is a fully managed AI service that uses the same NLP as used in technologies such as Alexa. In this workshop, we will explore NLP and uses cases for Lex and explore AWS’s Virtual Conversation Builder.

🧠 NLP Demystified
🌟 Power of Amazon Lex
💬 Real-life Use Cases
🔧 Hands-on with Virtual Conversation Builder

How AWS Cloud Computing Can Help Build Tech and Non-Tech Careers

1:30 PM – 3:15 PM
Huron Conference Room

AWS cloud computing is one of the most in-demand skills today. Not only has cloud computing removed barriers of entry for entrepreneurs but it has increased career choice options. Whether your role is project manager, legal assistant, financial manager, or a c-suite role, understanding the terminologies and use cases of cloud computing can increase your skill and improve overall support.

The three takeaways attendees will have from this lesson will be

  1. Identify resources to get started with AWS for free
  2. Understand how the Cloud Adoption Framework can help improve communication with stakeholders
  3. Use the Well-Architected Framework to build a cloud model that maintains needed availability and security in a cost-effective manner

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