Jobs and Skills for Tomorrow

In the 2030s jobs are going to different from the ones that exist today. Many of those future jobs don’t exist yet. (Fierce Education) Does that statement excite or scare you?

Hopefully, it gives you a sense of anticipation and excitement (but it’s okay if there’s a sense of fear and uncertainty as well). There are challenges to be faced as we dive into what tomorrow’s jobs will be and how we can find the training to be prepared. These changes require us to rethink how to provide an educational structure and experiences to help solve these skill gaps.

According to LinkedIn, the top 10 most in demand jobs right now are

  • Software developers
  • Sales representatives
  • Project managers
  • IT administrators
  • Customer service specialists
  • Digital marketers
  • IT support help desk managers
  • Data analysts
  • Financial analysts
  • Graphic designers

What I find interesting is that these in demand jobs present opportunities for a wide range of of skills sets. Whether you have an interest in management, information technology, marketing, analytics, design, and more there’s a pathway and career available for the taking.

One of the things that I share repeatedly as a mantra is that “Education = Opportunities“. We don’t always know what tomorrow holds and I think 2020 proved that to be true more than any other year in recent history but what I do know and vehemently believe in is that by investing in our education we will be better prepared to face any challenge that may come our way.

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