Hypertext Markup Language or Hot Tomato Makes Lasagna?

New year, new students, new lessons at Logan Hocking Middle School’s Coding Club and we started with a refresher of things we learned from the Fall semester with a fun Kahoot! game. What I love about Kahoot! is that students and adults of all ages appreciate the platform for a little competition and prizes and teachers love it to reinforce lessons learned and maybe have a little fun and laugh.

Learning should ultimately be fun and engaging and a little laughter can even help with the retention of information.

In Psychology Today, Susan Weinschenk states “The children…who did a task in a way that made them laugh learned the target actions more than those in the control group who were not laughing during the learning period“. With a little fun from the teacher’s chair coming up with the answers to hearing the kids giggle about the silly answers there’s fun all around.

Check out the the video showcasing what I have in store for the first day back to class in the video below.

About the Author Tasha Penwell, MISM is the Computer Science Program Manager at Hocking College and marketing consultant with Pretty Nerdy Social Media.

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