Field of Hope: Start of a New Journey

Last year I started as a volunteer instructor at the Field of Hope Community Campus using the Google resources to teach recovery clients. The goal of this endeavor was simple. Reach out to the community and provide training related to basic computer skills, resume writing and job search techniques. It’s been a great experience for myself as an instructor and (hopefully) for the participants as well. We’ve learned how to navigate Google tools and we even started to explore HTML as well.

A new season brings a new cohort and the perfect time to start again at the beginning using these Google resources for the teaching tools. In thanks to Hocking College‘s Grow with Google partner status, we’re able to provide a variety of training at no charge. I’ve decided to document and share what’s working well and any lessons that I learn along the way.

Day 1: Google Resources to Teach Recovery Clients

Introduction to Google Docs (Part 1). The goal of this course is that the students will accomplish the following:

  1. Use the tools, settings, and other features in Google Docs.
  2. Edit and adjust the content and settings of a document to prepare it for sharing and collaboration.

After completion of the lessons, the students will receive an Applied Digital Skills Certificate of Completion for their portfolio.

One of the reasons that I have enjoyed teaching these classes is the freedom and flexibility. The focus of teaching in the college classroom is largely focused on the tests and the grades and not as much on the learning experience. Learning should ultimately be fun, exciting and exploratory. It’s where we should have a safe place to fail knowing that learning is the goal – not the grade. That is our goal here. Bring exploratory learning and help teach the skillsets for success.

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